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10 Tips To Get Great Story Ideas

10 Tips To Get Great Story Ideas

Ideas come from creativity, and creativity is not something that can be accessed on demand. Inspiration can come from other places, a spark needed to set you on your own storytelling path. The following guide will help you get started and get the ideas flowing. 

Tip 1: Borrow, But Don’t Steal

The key to any good story is to use concepts and ideas from the great stories (did you think Shakespeare came up with all that on his own?) :P

Read and re-read your favorite stories, think for a while about what makes them so great and why they mean so much to you.

Then, get to work! All great art is inspired from elsewhere, so don’t feel the need to start from scratch. In fact, you should have your favorite stories in mind always when creating your own story, as it will keep you motivated and energized to complete the best possible story you can create.

Tip 1: Borrow, But Don't Steal

Tip 2: Write and Draw A Lot. Like, A Lot.

Good ideas and bad ideas both come from the same place, duh. It seems obvious to say but it’s true, the best story and worst story both will come from your brain, and the only way to get to the good story often is to get the bad ones out of the way.

When we say “bad”, we don’t mean wrong in any way. But the difference between a good setting, plot, characters, etc. often times comes down to the luck. You really don’t know how well things will work together, you just have start and and see what comes out.

Tip 2: Write and Draw A Lot. Like, A lot.

Tip 3: Keep Going

Go, go, go. Don’t worry about spelling mistakes, grammar, story flow, structure, etc. When your goal is to generate ideas, none of these things matter. Your own aim is to get something on paper, new and unique ideas that came from you. Whether or not it makes sense could not matter less at this stage, the only bar for success is to get what is in your head out of your head, and on the record somewhere, in some format.

Reupp is a great tool for this “flow of consciousness” style of writing. Upload ideas in the form of pictures, movies, or just text. The combination of imagery and text works best, and you can quickly and easily communicate your ideas in a format that will make sense to others, even if it doesn’t totally make sense to you :)

Tip 3: Keep Going

Tip 4: Your Style, Your Ideas

Ideas can be traced back to their author, but how ideas will fit together into a story will be heavily dependent on your style. Your style is your own, and any ideas that come from you with be influenced by how you think about storytelling.

Before trying to generate a lot of ideas all at once, thinking about what makes your style unique, and how your ideas will all be in the style that you and only you develop.

Tip 4: Your Style, Your ideas.

Tip 5: Upload Often

Use Reupp to log your ideas as they come. Incomplete ideas are still valuable as they can serve to inspire others, or inspire you to keep evolving towards the story you always knew you wanted.

Reupp is a virtual sketchbook, and it’s designed to log every step in the storytelling process. Any idea you have should be written down right away, think of Reupp as tool to log all ideas as they come. With our rating system these ideas will be naturally filtered by our community until the best ones become part of the storyboard, and the story will come together from the chaos.

Tip 5: Upload Often

Tip 6: Generate A New Idea Everyday

Ideas aren’t single events, and the process of being creative is just that, a process. Think of generating ideas as something that needs to happen everyday, the good the bad and of course the ugly :)

Once you get used to generating something everyday, you’ll see great results in the amount of ideas you are happy with. It’s simple math in the end, the more ideas you generate the more you’ll have in the end that you’re happy with.

And to get to this “machine-like” status of creativity (pun intended), make sure you come up with something everyday.

Tip 6: Generate A New Idea Everyday

Tip 7: If Someone Helps You With Your Ideas, Help Them Back

Reupp is a platform for people to generate stories together, and that means bouncing ideas off each other at a blistering rate.

If you are stuck yourself, jump into someone else’s story with your perspective on their ideas. This will not only help them, but it may also spark your idea generation.

Building up goodwill with others is not only a kind thing to do, but they will also help you when you become stuck one day as well. Having more sets of eyeballs on your ideas will only improve the quality of your story, and spark your own creativity more in the future.  

Tip 7: If Someone Helps You With Your Ideas, Help Them Back

Tip 8: Change Your Physical Setting

It can be hard to be creative when you yourself are doing the same thing everyday.

Take a break from your routine and go outside your town, city, etc. A small holiday or even a weekend away from your normal surroundings can do wonders for your creativity and idea generation.

Tip 8: Change Your Physical Setting

Tip 9: Get Out of Your Own Head

Storytellers are famous for their ability to exist in their own minds and then share that experience with others. But this talent can also be damaging if your focus becomes too narrow, and your thought process begins to be repetitive.

Talk to others, take a break from your story in any way you can. When you return to it, you’ll have a new way of thinking that will break through any walls that stood in your way before.

Tip 9: Get Out of Your Own Head

Tip 10: Tell The World

Ideas are hard to share sometimes because they can be intensely personal, also no one has only good ideas. Those bad ideas exist, and they are a necessary step before getting good ideas.

Whatever you do, don’t keep these good/bad ideas to yourself! Your story will evolve based on your thinking, and your thinking cannot ever be different if you don’t have others giving their opinions as well.

It can be hard at first, but once you open up your own creative process to the world (and to a great community of supporting storytellers like Reupp!) you’ll wonder how you ever created a story before us :)

Tip 10: Tell The World

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