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10 Ways To Become More Creative

10 Ways To Become More Creative

Some people say that you are either born creative or you are not. We could’t disagree more. Creativity comes easier for some, but absolutely anyone can be a creative person. Here are 10 ways that anyone can be creative, both for people who are already very creative and for people that struggle with creative thinking. 

Step 1: Start putting pen to paper

Writing, drawing, sketching, typing, or just moving the pen around. The first step of any creation is, well, creating. You can always go back and edit, make sense of the chaos later on. But the obvious point we are making is that if nothing exists, you cannot hope to build on or make something better. 

Reupp is the perfect platform for this process. If you have a half thought, or a half story in this case, upload it and see what others think right away. Reupp doesn’t have the pressure of other sites that require you to have a complete story before testing your ideas and receiving feedback. 

Use a “stream of consciousness” technique where everything that comes to mind, you write or type out. A “mind dump”, where everything you think of becomes part of a first draft. It’s unclear what that first draft will become, but that’s how creation works. Create first, make sense of it later. 

just do it reupp

Step 2: Mind your environment

To be creative, pay special attention to the environment you are in. If you feel uninspired, try your best to find a place where your mind is able to be more open and active. Some people skip this and try and drink a bunch of coffee in their home, or do something else to obtain more energy. This can work in the short term, but the goal is a long, sustained period of creative output. Finding your “special place” to be creative can work wonders for inspiration and motivation. 

Relaxing storytelling

Step 3: Stand up, walk around, do anything to move yourself physically

Step 2 was about getting energy for your mind, step 3 is about energy for your body. Don’t underestimate how important it can be to energize your body in order for your mind to be creative. The phrase “happy body, happy mind” is in no way an exaggeration, your mind and body are very closely linked. If one feels good, the other is bound to follow.

Try merging step 2 and step 3 together, and take a walk around a place that makes you feel peaceful and creative. This is the recipe for genius!

get up walk around

Step 4: Don’t forget to play

Ever wonder why creative startup companies always have toys and games laying around? It’s a trick that most people who need to be creative during the day use to interrupt their mind, and recharge. It goes like this: after an extended period of creativity, play a simple game to take your mind off the creative process. This break will allow your brain to focus on something simple, a radical change from the complex thinking required for creative work. After taking a break and forcing your brain to do something simple, you will find yourself again filled with energy to be creative. 

dont forget to play

Step 5: Ask for help

The creative process is often times described as a lonely, solitary practice where a single person, alone in a room toils away at their work. We at Reupp think this is the old way of doing things, working together is the new way! Crowdsource your work on Reupp, and allow other people into your creative process to get your progress going. It might feel a bit strange at first trust others with your early, unpolished work. But that is what makes Reupp so special. Our supportive community will provide non-judmgemental and positive feedback, no matter what stage of your story you might be in. 


Step 6: Borrow ideas

Reupp is a marketplace of creativity, meaning you are free to buy or sell at any time. If you cannot seem to get your own story off the ground (or cannot build the basics of the plot and characters) check out other stories on Reupp and see what others are doing. By reading these stories, you might get the inspiration you need to become more creative yourself.

Bonus: Try adding creative suggestions to other people’s stories. This will not only be perfect practice for your own story, but as well spark your personal creativity in order to create something of your own.

Borrow something

Step 7: Train yourself


If you want to run a marathon, you run a little everyday until you become closer to your goal of the whole distance. Creativity can be the same, especially if it’s something that doesn’t come natural to you. Some people are natural athletes, some require a lot of work. Doing creative work can be the same way, you have to put in the time everyday. Step 1 involved doing something, anything to start the process. Step 7 means doing that something, that anything, at least once per day. Step 7 also involves looking back at past work to see if you are progressing, becoming better at being creative when you want to be. 

The act of being creative every day means your brain is training itself to be more creative, more often. This type of thinking is a positive feedback loop, one that after some time will result in you becoming much more creative, more often, for longer periods of time. Not unlike that marathon runner. 

Train yourself creative

Step 8: Believe in yourself

This might seem cheesy, or perhaps obvious, but creative people need to believe in what they are doing as actually creative. Anything you output as a storyteller is creative, period. If you don’t have the confidence in yourself to truly believe that everything that comes from your mind has value, you will struggle when attempting to put together a story.

We are not saying that everything that you do is genius, far from it. But the first step to genius is, well, something bad. Bad leads to OK, then good, then great, then “wow”. We all love that “wow” moment, but it doesn’t come out of you like magic. It takes work, and a process that allows you to evolve your ideas from basic to polished.

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Step 9: Be different

The most important part of any new story is the “new” part. We all have heard stories that remind us of something else, but the best stories are the ones that put a new twist on an old tale. When creating your story, you should always have the question of “how is this new?” in your head. Borrowing from other stories is fine, but to truly be creative you need to tap into something deep inside you that will allow whatever comes out to be truly yours, unique only to you.

Think of your creative work as your child. There are many like it, but yours is a representation of who you are at the time of creation. If done properly, it can never be reproduced in the same way. The work you have done could only have come from you, and only at that specific point in history. If you have made something truly creative, it will be a perfect representation of creativity and art.

be yourself

Step 10: Be mindful

Take a moment to ask yourself, “Am I naturally creative?” “Do I enjoy the creative process, or it is a struggle?” “Do I need assistance in order to help me reach a goal?” Absolutely no one doesn’t struggle with creative problems, but you need to be aware of how much and how often you require help. If you are happy when you are creative, but struggle being creative, try your best to follow the advice above. If you struggle with procrastination, be realistic about how much you can do in one day. Lying to yourself will only hurt you in the end, and prevent your true creative nature from emerging. 

Embrace your flaws, your roadblocks, and what prevents you from regular creative thought. Only when you have faced your issues can start to improve, and become a more creative person. Good luck :)

mindful, simba

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