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Create an Epic Fan Fiction Story in 10 Steps

Create an Epic Fan Fiction Story in 10 Steps

So you want to write fan fiction? You’re not alone, but it can be a little hard in the beginning when starting out. How do you get started? Where can you find ideas to inspire you? What structure should it take? Well, here’s your guide to all of the above and more. Have fun!

Step 1: Get Inspired By What You Love

The reason to write fan fiction is simply, you love something so much that you want to contribute to the story. Your goal should not be to replace the original story, but let your mind run wild with possibilities of what could be.

Don't be limited to a single story as well, characters from different stories could work well together in a new setting for example. But make sure when you are combining several universes that you do enough work to explain characters and their motivations, as you cannot assume that every new reader/watcher will have complete knowledge about every character you use from different universes.

The ideas themselves can come from any of your favorite stories, from comic books to movies, tv, games, etc.

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Step 1: Get Inspired By What You Love

Step 2: Get the Structure Down

Story writing follows a specific flow, and while you’re welcome to experiment with different ways of telling the story, it’s best to follow established structures so your readers/watchers will follow your story.

For specific examples:
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Step 3: Add Your Ideas, Keep the Universe

Fan fiction is special because it represents an established universe of characters, plot, setting, etc. but also adds a brand new perspective to things.

Is this in any way strange in the world of storytelling, no way! Famously, the original Star Wars movies were mix of options and creative inputs to the point that they were practically a crowdsourced script.

So make sure your fan fiction is new, and unique to your perspective. But make sure to keep at least one foot on the ground in the established universe, otherwise people will view it as an entirely new story.

Step 3: Add Your Ideas, Keep the Universe

Step 4: Opinions Are Like Bellybuttons

Everyone will have one about your story, and not all of them will be positive. Be prepared for people that care as passionately about the original story as you do to voice their opinion, which might be at odds with what you have written.

Make sure to take all criticism and opinions in stride, as others are doing the same thing as what you have done, voicing an opinion about an established story.

But remember, you are the one that took the time and put yourself out there by writing a fan fiction story, so you deserve credit for being brave in that retrospect. If someone comes along that isn’t a fan fiction writer, they might not understand what it means to be a writer and how much of a risk you take by publishing your work.

So no matter what the response to your story is, take time to pat yourself on the back!

Step 4: Opinions Are Like Bellybuttons

Step 5: Know Your Audience

Are you writing for a certain age group? Make sure your story is not overly violent or sexual if younger people will be reading. Remember, craziness and violence are usually shortcuts people take to make a story interesting. If you can make a story good without resorting to any shortcuts like extreme violence or sexual activity, you not only deserve more credit, but might have a wider audience available to make up your fan base!

The most important thing any storyteller can do is find an audience. If there aren’t enough people reading and watching your story, perhaps you need to expand the influence and include stories that are more popular.

Using popular stories to launch your own fan fiction is not only smart, but it will virtually guarantee you an audience. If you are writing using characters and a plot centered around something that already has commercial success, the chances that you will develop your own following are massively more than if you base your work on less popular stories.

You can always improve these stories and make them better, but if you are already starting from a popular standpoint, it will make it easier for more people to start engaging with your story.

Step 5: Know Your Audience

Step 6: Take Inspiration From Our Writers

The fan fiction community is a great one because we are all using ideas in a very selfless way, this is an infinite source of support for you! Take inspiration from others, help others with their stories, it all will help you in your own storytelling as well with your standing in the greater fan fiction community.

Fan fiction is based on helping each other, running ideas off one another, etc. This is why Reupp is the perfect place to form the next great story, and everything about our community is based on this sharing activity.

Step 6: Take Inspiration From Our Writers

Step 7: Let Other People See Your Story Early and Often

Keeping your story too close to your chest is not a good idea, even though that is almost certainly what your instinct will be.

“It’s not ready, it’s not good enough.” These are the thoughts you need to banish from your vocabulary. Lucky for you, Reupp is made to help people get positive feedback for their stories, and help improve and promote them at the same time.

Step 8: Make It Yours

You’ve heard other’s feedback, you read the original story more time than you can count, now it’s time to find your voice.

Make sure your story has your voice in it, this will be the single thing that will distinguish your story from everyone else’s.

Add your unique voice to the story, and from the creative collaborative that occurs on Reupp the new story that emerges will be new, fresh, unique, and entirely yours!

Step 9: Write, Re-Write, Repeat

Once you’ve gotten the first elements of your story complete, make sure they all fit together and are understandable. One of the bigger problems new writers have is making sure their stories make sense to others. Of course it will make sense to you, it’s all in your own head!

Take extra special care to make sure your plot summary, characters, etc. all make sense and fit together into a story that makes sense and is interesting enough to grab people’s attention.

Speaking of which, that leads us to our final step.

Step 9: Write, Re-Write, Repeat

Step 10: Share Your Work!

Now that you’re gotten a story, make sure to tell people about it. Link back to your Reupp story from social media, but as well tell your friends about it too!

Finishing a story is only the first step, getting people to read it is just as important.

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