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Fan Fiction: How To Get Inspired

Fan Fiction: How To Get Inspired

Getting inspiration for the stories I write isn't very hard for me. A song or a picture often sparks my mind. My stories are all fantasy and they are a part of me, they come from my imagination.

I then found this website that helped me visualize it more

And yes, some of my stories are clichè but I don't want to take all of them further than just a story in my head. Originally my stories did start out as me attempting to write a book or two but with me being dyslexic that didn't work out too well for me. I then found this website that helped me visualize it more.

My biggest struggle with coming up with a story and getting inspiration is more finding a good and lengthy plot line. I often feel I'm repeating the events because my plot isn't long enough but that more fits the “novel" writing style.

Storytelling tips

There are some tips I learned over the years I've been writing and they work for this too. When I first come up with an idea I write it down and I get the basics of what I want to happen and who I want in the story.

One tip is to make it real, with people and real places in your life to get things going. Once you have a draft done, you can go back and change the details, or keep them. A lot of people draw from their lives when creating a new story.

After that, just keep adding to it. Let the pen take over. You can also try to watch a few kids shows (yep it does actually work). Kids shows tend to have good story/plot ideas: like for instance the show Teen Titans. Teen Titans is based on the idea of Raven being a portal and Trigon taking over the world. Trigon is a real myth people talk about, research it, you might find inspiration. Raven is a real fictional character that others have used in the past, not just the show.

Teen Titans

Develop your characters first

My other tip is to watch some anime. I get a lot of inspiration from their vivid stories! You'll notice that when making a story you don't need a lot of plot because you need to build your characters, most stories are quite short. Your movie story is about half the size of a regular novel which is 400 pages because they cut a lot of stuff out when transforming a book into a movie.

If you are really stuck, try starting something totally new. I’ve been told that starting a new story helps with inspiration if you’re stuck on plot for your first story, I tried this and it worked.

Try a completely different type of story than what you’re used to, I wrote a story about angels called “Secrets of the Unknown", my first ever novel, and it's even up on Reupp! I decided to stop and wrote instead “A Werewolf Story", and “War Wolf" which is also up on Reupp. But stopping and starting something new, I got tons of new inspiration.

Other stories created by Queen_Eclipse

One final thought, i’ve always gotten inspired looking at famous quotes from people in the past. I’ll end with my favorite one:

Darkness cannot drive out darkness. Only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate. Only love can do that. - Martin Luther King Jr.

I hope what i’ve written has been helpful, good luck everyone! :)

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