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How Do I Start My Story?

How Do I Start My Story?

JUST DO IT is of course the best advice, but here's some more practical stuff:

1. What is Your Plot? 

A plot is the basic points of a story. Stories usually have an intro, a conflict, and a resolution. Think of what the point of your story will be and how the events will unfold. Ask yourself “why am I telling this story?” 

Also, is it key to make sure you make your story unique. You can have all the same pieces and elements of other famous stories, but you need to have a hook that makes your story different.  

2. Who Are the Characters? 

Characters are the lifeblood of any story. The best story in the world won’t go far without interesting, relatable, impactful characters.  

Our advice here is the same as above, you can have similar characters as other stories, but you need to make sure your characters have unique qualities to set your story apart. 

3. Where is Your Story Set? 

The setting, while not as crucial as the first two points, sets the stage and the mood for all the action. A scene with two characters, discussing a conflict, may be incising or boring based on where they are, and the image you have put in the readers mind. 

4. Who Should Play Your Characters? 

Casting suggestions are fun, but they are the least likely to affect the quality of your story. Think of it as an afterthought, or the fun stuff to fantasize about after your story is complete!

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