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How Do I Promote My Story and Make It Popular?

How Do I Promote My Story and Make It Popular?

Making a story is one thing, getting it popular is another. In the beginning, getting the word out about your story is just as important as focusing on the content. This guide will help you in the early stages of promotion and getting people to notice your story.

Help contribute to other people’s stories

This is a very underrated part of obtaining success, give before you get. If you are active in helping other people develop their stories, they will almost always pay back the favor.

Help contribute to other people's stories

Make personal connections

Reupp is also a place to meet other creative people, take advantage of our profiles to find people like you to work together with! Don't just get to know their stories, get to know the people behind them. It's much more fun that way!

Make personal connections

Update your story often with new suggestions

An active story is an attractive story. If you story lacks activity in the beginning, you can get things going by adding more suggestions. The more suggestions the better, as characters, settings, and plot points can only become richer when there are more ideas on your story page.

Update your story often

Talk to the people active on your story page

When someone adds a suggestion or votes on your page, give them a quick followup to thank them for their contribution. This will encourage more people to be active on your page, making it more and more popular.

Talk to the people active on your story page

Engage and respond to all contributions

All suggestions are not made equal, and a few you might not even like. But the brainstorming process is filled with ups and downs, and even the downs are important to acknowledge and highlight. If you don’t agree with a suggestion, or don’t find it particularly helpful, make sure to explain why you think so after voting on it. Every contribution is worth something, because every suggestion is the start of a conversation that can go anywhere. As soon as you start saying “I don’t like this..but what this?” you are enjoying a creative spark due to a followers idea. Make sure to thank them for the inspiration!

Engage and respond to all contributions

Stay on point, but don’t worry about drifting off

If someone’s suggestion reminds you of something total different, feel free to say so! The resulting conversation can result in new concepts and ideas that can be uploaded as new suggestions. There is no right or wrong in this process, only the need to stay positive and creative!

Feel stuck? Ask for help!

Just because you are the Creator, doesn’t mean you cannot ask for help. Sometimes you can get stuck and need a very specific spark to keep your story going. In this case, upload a suggestion in the form of a question so that you can get a direct response and help where you need it!

Have a slick, well designed story poster

Your story’s poster will be the first thing a user sees, and alongside the tagline will be the reason they click on your story or they don’t. Make sure your poster is simple, clean, and interesting enough to get people to click on to your story page.

Have a slick, well designed story poster

Make your tagline and titles short and catchy

People’s time is limited, and you’ll only have a few seconds to hook someone. So when explaining the basics of your story, make sure to keep it short and get people interested right away.

Update your story and your followers

Your story will need new suggestions, but your followers may also be interested in what is going on with you personally. Keep them updated on your own state of mind by responding to their comments directly on Reupp.

Re-write your story (trailer) description to make shorter and more clear

A key part of getting a story off the ground is getting people hooked. But before they can be hooked, they need to understand the image that you have in your head that you are trying to put together, in a graphical way, on Reupp. The description text will make or break this process of understanding, so pay careful attention to it!
A good technique at the end of your description is adding a “call to action”. This is a direct question or phrase that prompts users to add something specific to your story. If users feel like they are being addressed personally, they are more likely to jump in and participate in your story.

Re-write your story description

Keep your followers guessing

Having a story that is already complete is ok for writing a novel, but on Reupp the key is tapping our community to expand and evolve your story. Model your story after a strong narrative, with compelling characters and an interesting plot, but don’t attempt to do everything. If you start out with a really interesting character or plot point, post it right away and allow the Reupp community to run with it!

Look over your writing for errors

No one minds a grammar or spelling error here or there, but too many will put people off and make them less likely to contribute to your story.

Don’t neglect your personal profile

People are just as interested in who you are as they are what your story is. Your story and you are joined at the hip, so make sure you put as much time into your personal Reupp profile as you do your story. This is how you make a lot of personal connections, and friendships!

Don't neglect your personal profile

Try and write in many different categories

Most people only exist in a single category (fan fiction, si-fi, etc.) If you can create stories in multiple different categories, this will increase the cross-appeal of your stories and establish your name as not sure the author of a single story in a single category, but as a bigger name with multiple talents.

Share your story!

There are many good ways to share your story to other people on social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, anywhere where your friends and like-minded storytellers exist!

Your friends (IRL)

Very old school, yes but in the beginning your real life friends and family can provide a big bump to your early activity. Don’t hesitate to ask them for early support. Ask them to sign up for Reupp and follow your story and add some suggestions!

Share your story

Your Story On Social Media and Other Websites


First thing, make sure to like Reupp on Facebook! This is a good way to interact with the Reupp community and expand your audience.

To share your story on Facebook, simply post the link to your page on your wall and it will automatically generate an image, a description, and a “call to action” for people to click on it. Simple!

You can also post the link to other pages, but make sure you explain what it is and why you posted it so people don’t think it is spam.


Twitter is a great way to broadcast your activities on Reupp.

When you tweet out a link to your story be sure to also include hashtags, #reupp is the best. Users looking for stories on Twitter often search through these hashtags. This is also a great way to get your name out via Twitter about your stories on Reupp.

Seek out other creative people on twitter and tweet them your work on Reupp.


Pinterest is a great place to post the images that make up your story. A very creative user on Reupp started to do this: and we see a lot of potential for great exposure there!


The picture sharing app is great for demonstrating your original or inspired artwork from Reupp!


Blogs are a great way to get the word out about your story! Sites like Tumblr already have a massive fan fiction and creative following, letting them know about your work is a great idea.

Also, you can contact the writers of blogs and ask them to feature your work on Reupp!

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