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How to Use Reupp

How to Use Reupp

Reupp is split into two categories, Creators and Builders. Both are needed to form a story, both are equally as important. You can of course be both a creator and a suggester, most people are. We’ll break down how you become either on Reupp.

The easiest way to get into Reupp is to become a “Builder”, or someone that gives their opinions and suggestions to existing stories. 

Become A Builder:

From the Dashboard choose a story that you think looks cool.

Then after watching the Trailer:

Reupp - Story Trailer

And reading the Storyboard:

Reupp - Storyboard

It’s time to add your opinion to the Story in the form of a Suggestion:

Reupp - Add Your Suggestion

Hmmm just look at the big, beautiful blue button. Just calls to you, no?

After clicking, you’ll be able to add your own Suggestion:

Reupp - Add Your Suggestion popup

The main categories for your Suggestions are:

- Plot (the events and actions of the story)

- Character (the fictional people in the story)

- Setting (where the story takes place)

- Casting (what real world actors should play the characters)

- General Suggestion - What thoughts you have that don’t fit anywhere else

TIP: You will receive more karma points for Plot and Character Suggestions (as they are more important to the Story) than the rest of the list.

Once you have selected your Suggestion category and entered in your text, upload an image or video to supplement / help explain your Suggestion.

Once finished, hit “Submit Your Suggestion” and you’re done!

Reupp - Succesfully Published Suggestion

Hit “Check Our Your Suggestion” to see it live on the site.

Congrats, you’ve done it!

Your Suggestion will now wait for others to vote and comment on it, try it out yourself by hitting the “Rate This Suggestion” button on another person’s Suggestion:

Reupp - Vote Popup

Give them a rating based on how good you think the Suggestion is, then as a bonus write your thoughts in a short comment:

Click “Give Feedback” and you’ve done it!

Feel free to check out other suggestions and vote/comment on them so that they may reach the Storyboard.

The Storyboard is a collection of the highest rated Suggestions from other users.

Reupp - Storyboard

Do your best to add thoughtful, interesting suggestions and yours could make it to the Storyboard as well!

Once a Story is complete, the Storyboard will present a completely new Story, built by you and other users of Reupp!

That’s all you need to know about how to me a Builder, now let’s look at how you can be a Creator.

Become A Creator:

Got the basics of a story down (view story guide)? Got your story trailer (view trailer guide)? Great! It’s time to create your story in Reupp!

To get started, click the link at the top navigation bar:

Step 1: enter your Story Information

Reupp - Creator step 1

Start with a Title and a “Poster” image. Your Poster image will be the one displayed on the Dashboard, a good poster image will attract more people to your Story. (It will also be previewed on the right hand side)

Enter the Genre as well (with a max of three categories) and your Tagline. A good Tagline is just as important as your Poster Image, as it will need to grab the attention of people looking for interesting Stories.

Step 2: Upload Your Trailer and Story

Your trailer is the key part of your Story, and it will need to excite and interest people enough to follow your Story Page and contribute with their Suggestions.

Upload your Trailer to Youtube first (don’t forget to label it as a “Reupp Trailer”, then paste the Youtube address into Reupp:

Reupp - Attach Video

Next, describe your Story:

Reupp - Describe Your Story

This section is for everything the trailer couldn’t say, in other words the specifics of the Story you need to hear in order to understand and follow along. Outline the Plot, explain the main Characters, and end by leaving the door open for other’s to share their Suggestions.

After your Story description is complete, tag your Story with bullet points:

Reupp - Add Story Keypoints

This feature is helpful if your Story is complicated and you want to only use a few words to describe and summarize what it’s all about.

Step 3: Complete Your Story

Now that the basics are complete, upload the first Suggestions that will comprise your Story’s Storyboard

These are needed to fill any gaps that your Trailer or Description might have left, and are important because they complete the picture of your Story that is clear in your head, but might not be fully understood by others.

Once you are down, hit “Publish Your Story”. Your submission will go into our queue, and in a short while will be live on our site.

Congrats on taking your first steps into the Reupp universe, and being part of the next great experiment in collaborative storytelling!

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