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How To Write More: A Procrastinator’s Guide

How To Write More: A Procrastinator’s Guide

You procrastinate. We all do. Here's a guest post by one of our users to help you do more, and wait less. 

Make Time.

Often, this proves more difficult than writing. But setting aside ten minutes a day, or an hour a week can prove very rewarding.

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Stick To It.

There is no point setting a writing time if you don’t stick to it. Set a time and protect it. If someone interrupts you, murder them (it’d make a great story!).


Turn. Off. That. Bloody. Phone. Get somewhere offline and avoid all social media and other distractions. The modern internet is designed to distract you and take your time from you, reclaim it by going somewhere with no wifi and no internet connected devices. 

Write Down Everything.

It helps to keep track of your ideas. Have a sheet of paper, or a small notepad to jot down all your scribbles. Your best ideas will probably come in the shower, so keep paper close by. Plots. Characters. One-liners. Trust me, you will not remember any of it later! Write. It. Down.

First Drafts.

It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be done. You can worry about the mistakes when you’re editing it (again…and again…and again…)

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