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Most “Interesting” K-Pop Fandoms

Most “Interesting” K-Pop Fandoms

K-Pop has been exploding recently, and with popularity comes, well, strangeness. Here’s a list of our favorite K-Pop fandoms, stretching from awesome to just plain weird.


Kpop fandom

At first glance, ARMY is a solid name for a fandom. Then we learned it stood for 'Adorable Representative MC for Youth’.

Let that sink in for a second.

Perhaps English acronyms don’t ever really translate well, but this one is especially bad. Speaking of bad acronyms...

Teenager Emoboy Emotion Next generation Talent Object Praise
Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality
Best Absolute Perfect
Do It Amazing
High-Five Of Teenagers
Groove Overdose
Baby Voices Of Xpression
Born To Beat 


This list goes on, believe us. But in the interest of keeping this under 10,000 words, we’ll stop there. 

Equal parts funny and head-shakingly odd, these acronyms don’t translate well at all into English. We’re beginning to think that’s the point.


kpop fandom Fineapple

This one flat out makes no sense. Perhaps calling them “fools” would have been logical in some way. Most Koreans will likely pronounce it as Pineapple (파인애플)  because there is no “F” sound in the Korean language. But if this is some attempt at a pun, which honestly is confusing and makes no sensate begin with, we don’t follow. 


blackjack fandom kpop

I mean, what’s wrong with 20’s gangsters? Blackjacks are fans of the group 2NE1, and a blackjack is 21 in the game. Get it? 21? 

Good music group, a fan name that actually makes sense (in English and in Korean, score!) What’s not to like?

In fact, let’s give a shot out to all the fandoms that have a creative spin in their names: 

WINNER - Inner Circle (cool spin, sounds cool, didn’t make us cringe at all)
Ailee - Aileeans
Lee Hi - HiHeels
Nine Muses - Mine
Se7en - Lucky Se7en
Jay Park - Jaywalkerz
Lovelyz In Us - Lovelyz

Then there are names that have nothing to do at all with their group at all (*cough* BIGBANG - VIP) 

And of course the names that we at Reupp aren’t too excited about:

Block B - BBC (Block B Club, BarBeCue, or any of the others)
Buddy & Best Friend - Maybe this just brings up some bad memories, but the friend zone is strong with this one.
Play Girlz/Boyz - Lammmmmmme. And cringy.


Kpop fandom

Cute wordplay. Cute lightsticks. What’s not to like?

Then of course there are many unofficial fandom names out there, Block B has some of the most … inventive names out there:

  • Taeil – Sharkbait
  • U-Kwon – Kitten
  • Kyung – Pickle
  • P.O. – Pearl
  • Jaehyo – Herp
  • B-Bomb – Dimples
  • Zico – Zicova

Well done, and all those K-Pop fandom freaks out there, keep up the good work. K-Pop is slowly taking over Reupp, check out our favorite story here:

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