Sep 23

Quirky Was A Success

Quirky Was A Success

For anyone who wasn't aware of Quirky, they pioneered the process of opening up the production of physical products to the crowd, allowing their users to sketch and create ideas that would eventually become items sold in stores. 

We owe a lot to Quirky's vision, so much so that we often describe ourselves as a creative storytelling version of what Quirky has done.

Quirky was an important company for many reasons. A common criticism of crowdsourcing is that many voices does not bring insight or clarity, only chaos. Quirky not only proved this wrong, they did so in a physical marketplace, arguably the hardest to operate in.

Crowdsourced knowledge is not always easy to make sense of, but if you are successful in doing so the payoff is massive. We are going to continue on with this belief, in no small part due to the path Quirky has forged.

Thank you Quirky. We are certain you will, in one way or another, return. 

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