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The Best WWE Cameos of All-Time

The Best WWE Cameos of All-Time

For years, famous people have appeared in the WWE world as part of an unexpected storyline. Celebrities of all stripes, especially from the sports world, have taken part in the WWE over the years. Maybe that’s why the WWE is so popular in fandom, WWE does fandom itself.

Ronda Rousey

Rousey WWE fandom

The UFC bantamweight champion and cultural icon, Ronda appeared at Wrestlemania to great fanfare. Her match with Stephanie McMahon was perfectly presented, allowing for a short notice storyline to work well with more established characters.

The WWE loves having professional athletes in the ring perhaps to appear more as a non-scripted sport. Roused has a great fan following, she is a superb athlete, and has the superstar factor that made the Rock and Brock Lesnar succeed outside the WWE.

Her appearance has also boosted both the women wrestlers of WWE, but as well the UFC's women's division. The timely "Divas Revolution” storyline is a perfect fit if Ronda wanted to be more of a permanent character in the WWE.

This could be the opening for more of a UFC/WWE exchange in talent. We’ve already seen Lesnar and others try at UFC glory. Perhaps Nikki Bella, Naomi and others will try and go to the UFC.

Macaulay Culkin

Home Alone Fanfic

This was a weird one. Twenty years after his “Home Alone” movies, Macaulay Culkin showed up in a big way in the WWE. Appearing Raw, Culkin smashed Chavo Guerrero in the head with a paint can, and he did it very convincingly.

The cameo was an obvious reference to the Home Alone movies, and to be honest it really doesn’t have any greater meaning than a simple wink and nod joke. Still awesome though. 

Mike Tyson

Tyson fandom WWE

Quite possibility the most memorial cameo of all time, Mike was born to be in the ring. His instant feud with Stone Cold Steven Austin made for great TV, and a storyline that lasted longer than most cameos have. He was actually part of the DX crew, fought with multiple wrestlers and when through an entire story arc, from intro to conflict to resolution. Not bad for a guy who reportedly was high as a kite at the time. Well done, Mike.

Donald Trump

Trump fandom WWE

We had to include Trump because of his recent omnipresence in the news, but frankly we were a bit bored with his storyline. Rich people arguing over who is more rich and who has more power? Great. Sign me up. I’d love to hear more about this thrilling feud.

It was kind of cool to see a reality TV show star in another form of reality TV, but in the end Trump's lack of physical ability to convincingly play a wrestler made this storyline pretty lame. At least it was short.


Shaq fandom WWE

The “battle of the giants” was flat out some great TV, and Shaq has the personality, the size, and the charm to succeed in the WWE. If only basketball wasn’t so popular, we could have seen more Shaq in the squared circle.

Also, maybe i'm old school but I just love see giant people in the WWE. Andre the Giant was the original badass, but seeing 7ft + wrestlers go at it is always entertaining. Throw Shaq into that mix, even better.


MacGruber fandom

A fictional character, in a fictional storyline, with fictional wrestlers? No, this isn’t the sequel for “Inception”, it was a hilarious cameo by actor and comedian Will Forte.

As you can see, the WWE has embraced fandom for a while now because WWE was doing fandom before we had a name for it. Crazy mashups and cameos are just a few examples of how WWE is forward thinking when it comes to the creative fantasy of it's fans. 

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