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The Top 10 Fan Fiction Of All-Time

The Top 10 Fan Fiction Of All-Time

No more messing around, there is THE list of the best Fan Fiction we have ever seen here at Reupp. 


This is an awesome post-war fanfic. The main character Wufei goes under deep cover in the name of the Preventers in Freeport, a haven an nest for international pirates. The storyline is excellent, with a little bit of anarchy together with an old fashioned pirate story. Living truly outside society does not mean there are no laws, or no rules. Pirate rules, or a society made by criminals, is a fascinating setting for a story. 

Harry Potter

An obvious choice, the fan fiction surrounding Harry Potter is nothing short of amazing. There are several examples, "Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality” is one of our favorites. 

This fanfic was like reading a proper murder mystery, because everything that happened or was to happen was hinted at earlier. So if you were the type that likes to solve puzzles as you read (I mean, who doesn’t?) this was the ultimate tale. 

The only thing we can think of as a negative would be it might take you a few chapters to get into the story properly. But if you make the investment, you will be rewarded. 



Zelda is an amazing world and an amazing story, and we feel very lucky to have many good fanfic stories to extend the universe. One of our favorites is “Rend”. The focus on an amazing development of characters really makes this story stand out, as you feel a connection to the Zelda universe via excellent interactions and dialogue. Just like above, we think this fanfic can start out a little slow as well, but stick with it. You’ll be glad you did.  

Another amazing fanfic is called Eloze". The way this fanfic calls on all the old games and storylines makes you feel like you’re playing through them all over again. An amazing experience, and a well-written story!


Narnia is an amazing story by itself, and some of the fanfic is almost as good as the original. One of our favorites is "Chanson de Geste”, a story that changes enough of the world of Narnia to make it unique, but still have enough of the same to not makes us feel lost. That is a hard line to straddle, and this story does it very well.


Pokemon is another well-established, very popular world. Because of this, there are many fanfic genres and sub genres to choose from. One of our favorites is "The Sun Soul” - a story that manages to balance interactions between characters with some very exciting Pokemon battles.

Another very strong candidate for best Pokemon fanfic is called "The Game of Champions”. The focus on the journey of the trainers in this fanfic, arguably the best part of the original Pokemon world, is excellent and pulls you in right away. 


superman fanfic

Ok, we have to acknowledge our bias right away here. We love fanfic that is based on a story and characters we all know and love, and just cannot get enough of. A superman fanfic called "The Metropolitan Man” is a classic tale where the reader has no idea who the bad guy is and who is good. The best stories involving good v bad are the ones that make you identify with both sides. A clear-eyed “good beats bad” is frankly boring at this point, and in real life even the worst people in the world have something that motivates them that everyone can, at the very least, understand (and perhaps even relate to). 

The line is so thin between the traditional villain and the alien “invader” Superman. Both seem to be a threat to humanity, and the reader really doesn’t know who to root for or who will win till the very end. Because of this, you are completely lost to rise above the story and “know” more than the characters, as you cannot articulate why you would want one side or the other to win. And the ending, wow. Amazing. Check it out right away!  


We love this fandom in general, but also love a few specific stories. The first we’d nominate for “best in show” would be "Genocide Extended”. Our praise of this story would be the same as any professional novel we have read, it’s very well put together and seems like a professionally-written story.

In terms of graphics novels (the writing and artwork combined that blew us away) we have to give it to “RETAKE.” Even though we aren’t pros when it comes to hentai, we thought this was a very approachable and easy story to get into. It’s also undeniably beautiful and thoughtful, a wonderful experience all around. 

My Little Pony

This might not be many people’s first choice, but the fanfic universe of My Little Pony is truly massive, and impressive. One of our favorites is "Blueblood: Hero of Equestrian” because is does what should be impossible, making the Blueblood seem relatable and, dare we say, seem like the good guys. It also draws brilliantly on the existing MLP universe and introduces enough new stuff to keep you glued to your screen to the end. 

The Legend of Korra

fan fic korra

A story we can recommend from the Legend of Korra universe is "Dream of the Lotus in Bloom because of the crazy twist it makes, but not without keeping one foot on the ground. The drama can be a little much at times, and if you dont have the stomach for crazy stuff happening, all the time, it might be a bit much for you. But we enjoyed it greatly and high recommend it. 

Also "Icarus and the Sea” is one we have passed around here at Reupp, and really thought was good. This is another case of very, very well written dialogue (to the point where we thought it was a semi-professional production). There are rumors of more chapters coming from the author, and we can’t wait!

Avatar: the Last Airbender

There are so many stories to choose from here, it’s almost a form having too much. One of our absolute favorites is "His Father's Son”, a story that was released way before the majority of Avatar was put into print. because of this, you see a bit of an alternate universe feel where everything is believable, but difficult enough to be very interesting to read. 

A second story that everyone should check out is "The Problem with Zukoand When All Your Dreams Come True” because it comes in with a totally different angle on the story, so much so that it might not even be considered fanfic. Also very long, but very worth it. 

That’s it! We hope you enjoyed our list of the best fan fiction we have ever read, and hope you check out the collaborative stories that are being built on Reupp everyday.  

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