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The Worst Fandoms Of All-Time

The Worst Fandoms Of All-Time

We’ve all see the positive and the negative of fandoms. When things go right, they are an excellent place to geek out with fellow obsessed fans. When things go wrong, they go very, very wrong. Here’s our list of the worst examples of when fandoms go wrong.


arrow fandom

I come from a place of love, because this show used to be one of our favorites. But there is a conflict now that has ripped apart the fanbase, and altered the show forever.

After the first two seasons, the show’s creators took advice from a subset of the fandom and joined two characters romantically. This by itself is fine, in fact we think it’s great when a show’s creator listens to it’s fans. But this felt, strange. Forced. And there really was no going back from it.

The above demographic is referred to as “Olicity”. Fully spelled out, Oliver-Felicity portmanteau were those who insisted on a relationship. Oliver and Felicity became the main focus of the show, and a dark superhero type slowly shifted into a cheesy soap opera show. The show got so bad, even the subreddit for it (/r/arrow) protested the direction by turning into a Daredevil sub. Personally, we were rooting for a “Robin Hood: Men In Tights” conversion, would have made more sense.   ¯\_()_/¯ 

The resulting seasons were fine in their own right, but they could not have caused a larger mess even if they were trying. Twitter and tumblr abuse was common, even to the actors playing the roles. It was a sad end to an excellent show and a thriving fandom. 


We’re not sure this is a proper fandom, because the movie really didn’t give them much to deal with. But the endless memes and jokes that, honestly, make no sense, have left us with little understanding left. 

I mean, what is this?

Minions fandom

Danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil

Youtubers were once seen as fanboys and girls themselves, but now a few have grow so much that they themselves have their own fandoms. We’re big fans of Dan and Phil, but their fandom is a little cringe-worthy at times. 

The odd thing with this fandom, the thing we struggle to follow, is that fandoms are almost by definition about fictional characters. We love them because they aren’t real, so we can project whatever we like onto them. But Youtube personalities are, obviously, real people. Making intensely personal comments towards people who are real is even stranger to the YTers themselves, they almost don’t know what to do with them. 

Danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil fandom

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic fandom

This one is also a bit strange. When Sega created Shadow, they attracted a lot of attention from passionate people. But there is a difference between passionate and border-line furry behavior. And a lot of long-time fans feel helpless when others put them in the same category as the furry types.

Without a doubt the Sonic fandom today is linked to furries, but how the heck did this happen? We honestly researched it and couldn’t find anything, except a whole lot of furry fandoms. At which point we stopped looking, because that is some weird stuff. 

Steven Universe

Steven Universe has one of the largest and most dynamic followings of anything on it’s parent channel, “Cartoon Network". But with size and popularity, can come controversy and poor behavior.

In 2015, a single young fan was targeted by an organized mob for their unpopular opinions regarding the physical appearance of the show’s characters.

Afterwards, people said the reasons for the harassment was that her drawings were making characters out to look a different way, in once occurrence from larger to smaller (bring claims that she was against fat people).

Steven Universe fandom

But the campaigns were not all ugly. Steven Universe portrays LGBTQ relationships in many ways, so when the show was exported to less LGBTQ-friendly parts of the world, it became the target of censorship.

The fans were having none of it, even to the point where a song was re-recorded for the french version to include language of love between a same-sex couple.

As we mentioned before, passion is a two way street. You get the bad with the good, and Steven is a good example of this activism having a positive and negative output.

SuperWhoLock (The Big Three: Supernatural, Dr. Who, and Sherlock)

superwholock fandom

Doctor Who made a bold move, one that shook it’s own fans to their core. They replaced Matt Smith (young, attractive guy) with Peter Capaldi (an older guy that actually looks like a doctor). And all hell broke loose. 

This was in our opinion the canary in the overloaded fandom coal mine. A move that anyone could have foreseen was met with disbelief, threats, and everything else you could think of. And Dr. Who was only the beginning.

Why hasn’t Supernatural had a female love interest involving the main characters? Well, I think they might be afraid the fandom would burn the house down, and we’re not entirely sure they’d be wrong. 

These are great shows, and there fandoms have great, passionate followings, but lets please remember that the shows have their own story to tell, and if it doesn’t perfectly match up with our expectations, well, that’s life. It’s actually a perfect analogy for life. You don’t always get what you want, but you in the end get what you need. 


Homestuck had a massive following, and it’s easy to see why. But at the end of the day, things became toxic. Among the stories we have heard, there was a guy in a nazi version of a troll (that he said was cosplay), a girl that almost died from trying to dye her skin with vodka in a bathtub, and many more cases of people destroying rental properties with their insane “tributes”.

But this turn was not about attacking people, ask a lot of fandoms do. The poison was turned inwardly, and people were acting in the name of the fandom against themselves. We have never seen anything like it, and frankly hope we never do again.

Pretty much all fans left Homestuck over the drama, many left to Steven Universe and Gravity Falls. But many forget about Undertale. Undertale was made by a Homestuck artist and a very famous song (Megalovania) first showed up in Homesick way before Undertale.

Homestuck fans more or less made Undertale happen via a kickstarter a few years back. But after a year-long pause taken by the creators, the fandom was more or less over.

This made another kickstarted project take off, called “Hiveswap”. We’ve heard good things so far, check it out if you’re curious.  

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