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Why Use Reupp?

Why Use Reupp?

Reupp is a powerful and fun tool for storytellers and though who love stories. If you love creating stories, great! Reupp was made for people who have a story to tell. If you aren’t the creator type, but still love jumping in and helping a creative person tell their tale, Reupp is also for you! Or, if you just want your voice heard, Reupp is the place to be.

Reupp is divided into two main user categories, Creators and Influencers. You can be either, or both! It’s not a choice of either/or, most people on Reupp create a little bit (or a lot) and then dive into other people’s stories. It all depends on what you are looking for from Reupp, and how you will have the most fun!

For Creators:

Get the attention of major producers interested in your story!

Reupp was created to be a free, open exchange of ideas for stories, but that doesn't mean we aren't interested in the finished product either! If you have semi or complete story, you may attract the attention of the several major studios that are in contact with Reupp on a regular basis. 

The main goal of Reupp is creative exchange, but if you get discovered here for your talents we won't be surprised!

Discovered on Reupp

Help promote your stories online

Your story needs people to see it! When you post on Reupp, your story will be seen by all the supportive and creative users we have in our community, the more people to see your work the better! 

Promote yourself! A lot of storytelling is getting your name out there, and having people know and recognize it. On Reupp, as a Creator, your name will be front and center on all the pages you make, and alongside all the other activity (suggestions, comments, etc.) It’s a great way to make yourself known to the greater community. 

promote your story

Gain new fans/followers for your work

Not only will people see you work on Reupp, they will be able to follow you and become fans! This means they will also see all your future stories as well.

Your Reupp profile will attract new people that are interested in what you are doing, and want to follow along in your creative process of storytelling. 

gain followers

Help with "writer’s block"

If you are truly stuck in your story, reach out to the Reupp community for help! It’s important to not just use these ideas as they come, but let them inspire you to create new twists and turns in your story that are uniquely yours! Reupp isn’t for getting ideas, it’s for getting inspired!

get over writers block

Allow you to talk to/interact with your fans and get to know them better

Your followers are your fans, make sure they know that you appreciate them and their efforts! Your story will always be yours, but your fans are the ones driving the popularity and, at times, the creative spark behind your tales. Use Reupp to stay in contact with your fans, and make sure your relationship is a two-way street!

talk to people

Try out new concepts/ideas without having to have a complete story

Making new stories is tough, and the pressure to have something “complete” is always there. Reupp is perfect for breaking down these barriers, and testing whatever it is that comes to your mind. You don’t need a complete story to post to Reupp, quite the opposite actually! All you need is a spark, a beginning to a sentence that can be completed later on. This community-focused brainstorming is the key to Reupp, allowing you to open up your story to the power of the crowd, but in the end retaining the control to shape the story as you see fit.

Does this mean Reupp discourages complete stories? Not at all. we love a story that feels complete. But know that Reupp was build to change and evolve stories constantly, so don’t approach your Reupp page with a feeling that “This story is complete, perfect, etc.” As most Creators know, a story is never complete. A “version 1” might be done, and you might actually stop there and release that story as is. But then, your story can be “forked” and taken in a completely new direction by your followers. You absolutely have to be open to this process, and not be protective of your work to the point where it cannot be changed. Reupp is all about that evolutionary process when ideas build on ideas, and there is no right or wrong. The first and last word is, and always will be creativity!

experiment on everything

For Influencers:

Help influence other people’s stories

Your opinion matters! You have a lot of opinions about what your TV/Film/Games should have in them, make sure that people hear you. Reupp is the perfect platform to share these ideas, and make sure they don’t get lost in the shuffle.

Give your option to producers of TV/Film/Games about what YOU think they should do

Reupp is built to give you a direct line to the producers of your favorite entertainment. Stop posting on forums, stop emailing to people that never even open their mail! Reupp gives you a voice that will be heard, appreciated, and used. Your opinion is valuable, make sure that it will be used when the next great story is produced! Your opinion makes you the king/queen!

yo da queen

Interact with our creative, cool people in a judgment-free, positive community!

Reupp is focused on our community, obsessed even. We have no rules about ideas and creativity, anything goes! But we are very strict about making sure everyone is supportive and open-minded. There is no such thing as a bad idea, only negative people that cannot see the value it in. That’s why Reupp is so special, it is a positive, judgment-free area to test all the ideas you have in your head. Don’t worry if your thoughts are incomplete, or don’t form a complete story. Reupp is about using the crowd and other people to create the ultimate story, so your incomplete thoughts are key to our platform.

For Everyone Else:

Reupp is meant to be an open platform. If creating stories, or helping build them, doesn’t excite you, don’t worry! Reupp is still in need of your option when it comes to ranking and selecting what a story should be. Don’t be satisfied by “liking” a Facebook post or voting “up” on a Youtube trailer, this isn’t enough! Your voice should be heard as much as you want to give it, and directly to the people who are making the decisions as to what they will build. Your opinion could shape the next generation of films, TV, and games! Your opinion is king on Reupp, and everyone’s opinion is equally as important in our collaborative storytelling process!

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