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Your Guide To Fandom

Your Guide To Fandom

Fandom is such a large, all-encompassing term, that’s it’s hard to to know where to start explaining it’s history and current form. But hey, it’s worth a shot, right?

What is Fandom?

A Fandom is a subset of fans of an existing story. This story can come from anywhere: movies, tv, comic books, bands, or even from a set of memes or a jokes. People involved in fandoms are often very interested in expanding the universe of an existing storyline well beyond the “official” plot. 

In this way, a fandom can exist to organize and celebrate an existing story, or it can create, alter, and evolve the story into a whole new place. In this way, fandoms are very similar to fan fiction, in that both sets of fans aren’t satisfied with the amount of story they have. Either they want more of the same (common in fandom to rework existing storylines) or to invent totally new stories that can be similar to spinoffs or other types of work inspired from the originals. 

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Intense Attraction

Fandoms are definition by, and often made up of, hardcore fans. Something in the original story moved them to get involved more, and fandom culture has sprung from this demand. Fandoms don’t always have a single aim or goal, quite the opposite in fact. Usually fandoms have evolved organically as a simple way of connecting big fans of certain stories together, and what comes from that connection is anyones guess. Sometimes fandoms are mere discussions about stories, but often they extend the creative process into answering the question "what comes next?"

Think of it as an unstructured geek out with no rules, no limits to how you can express yourself, and no judgment for what comes out in the end. 

Remix Everything

The roots of fandom can be traced to our need to take something we love and absorb it in every way possible, break it down and assemble it again. But stories aren’t like clocks, when they get taken apart, they rarely get put back together in the exact same way. That’s where the creative, fanfiction-like side of fandom comes in. If you really love something, you don’t just consume it. You want to be a part of it, and it a part of you. 

But if you aren’t a writer, how can you contribute to fandom? Easy! Fandom can be anything. A paragraph here, an image there. Anything that can express the meaning that you draw from your favorite stories can be made into fandom material.

The Next Level of Fan Interaction

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Interactive entertainment is said to be the new tv or film. People aren’t happy enough to just sit through a story, they want to be a part of it. Well, we think this is half true. Part of telling a story is listening, but there needs to be an interactive aspect to stories as well. When you get out of a movie, the first thing you do is talk with your friends about it. If you really loved the movie, you jump online to discuss more. But if the story really takes you over, and it now feels like it’s a part of you, fandom is the key to turn your favorite stories interactive.

Before, fandoms would go on and on and only fellow fans would be able to see the results. Reupp looks to change that, by making sure everyone is involved in fandom, including the very people that made the stories you love!

Can Fandoms Become Larger Than Life?

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A fandom overtaking the original story in popularity used to be a strange thing, now it is quickly becoming the norm. Websites with users discussing a movie can quickly overtake the footprint of the movie itself. Fans that want to create new twists and turns on their favorite story have themselves been recruited to help create new, official material. At Reupp, we want this process to be as smooth as possible, whereas you can geek out online about your favorite stories and your ideas, no matter how wild or insane, can influence the next season of your favorite tv show, or the sequel to your favorite movie.

How do you do this? Jump into the stories we have already listed on Reupp, or create your own. Anything goes, any type of fandom you wish to share with others will be accepted and built upon by our supportive, awesome community. Reupp is a new experiment in how ordinary fans can talk directly to the producers of their favorite entertainment, and directly influence where they will go next. 

Sounds exciting? We think too. Get started below! 

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