Frequently Asked Questions

Reupp in General

What does my show need?

A: It needs action, drama, excitement, humor, and heart! But also it needs as many people as possible to help with the story, characters, setting, and plot. The more people that help out, the greater the chance it will have to be made!

How does it work?

A: If you have your own idea for a story, create a trailer and upload it to Reupp! A trailer can be an edited video, a webcam video of your pitch, or any collection of images, sketches, etc. Whatever you have to tell your story, upload it and see where it goes! If your show gets enough attention, we will enter talks to option the story to a studio in Los Angeles, where it can be made in a proper TV show!

Why did you guys build this?

A: We built the original Reupp thinking we needed to empower TV fans, and have their voices heard. When we changed the purpose of the site, this vision remained. We think that fans are the ones who know best what should be made, and the goal of Reupp is to give us all a voice directly to those who produce our favorite shows!

How do I contact Reupp


920 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica 90401, USA




What kind of stories do you accept?

A: Any kind you like! Dramas, comedies, action, horror, it's a totally open canvas. Draw inspiration from past and current works as well to better communication your vision for the new story!

What are the minimum requirements for a story?

A: At the core, every story starts out with a pitch. The pitch can either be a video trailer (made up of a produced clip, or just you explaining your story) or a storyboard of images. These images can also be professional, or just your own sketches and concepts. Anything is acceptable!

How do I contribute to other people's stories?

A: Below the storyboard you can add your own suggestions for each show! Upload an image and explain your thoughts behind the suggestion. These suggestions can be characters, casting, setting ideas, plot points, or just general comments. A set amount of each catorgory will make it up into the storyboard if voted up enough, and then your idea will live along side the original pitch as part of the story!

User Profiles

What should I add to my profile?

A: Whatever you like! The more you add, the better people will know you and will be more likely to contribute to you! (we'd studied this)

Why do you need my real name?

A: See above, we don't but it helps with the collobration process if others know more about you. In the end, it's about what you feel comfortable sharing!

Where can I private message other users?

A: We haven't built this functionality yet, but we're working on it. In the mean time, use reupp to communicate with other storytellers! The more public the conversation, the better chance someone else will be able to jump in and help.

Service & Legal

Am I able to upload copywrited material?

A: We ask that you don't upload anything you know to be a violation of copywrite law, but in the case you do we'll have to remove it.

Who owns the stories on Reupp?

A: You do! Or to be more specific, you as the creator own the rights to the trailer you upload as part of your story page. The creator retains the ownership of their story, and if there is interest from a third party to purchase the story, we will contact the creator to see if they are interested in selling their work. Then, and only then, does Reupp take a small percentage for our work spent negotiating with any interested parties. But we want to stress, Reupp does nothing without the permission of the story creator.

If I have any questions or concerns, who do I contact?

A: Us! We are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and usually can respond to the chats on this site within 24 hours. If you have any questions at all, please contact us. We've love to hear from you!

Who are we?

John Noren

John Noren


John loves storytelling, maybe a little too much. He was the founder of the original crowdfunding Reupp, and now believes fully in the power of the crowd to create the ultimate story.

Michiel Tummers

Michiel Tummers


Michiel is a TV and movie junkie, and believes as well that stories created together are simply better, period. Michiel is responsible for the design and development of Reupp.