Influence real TV shows and movies.

Have you ever been watching a TV show, Film, or playing a game and had ideas on how to improve the story? Reupp is the platform for you!
Either create your own story or have direct influence in the stories of others.
Our platform offers you a way to influence real TV shows and movies.

Your opinion matters!

There are two types of stories on Reupp, one is user created (that’s you) and the other is studio created. User created stories are unique because people like you write them, but they also need help from you to build and refine them. Studio productions are another type of story altogether. They are fully produced trailers that may or may not become a full TV show/film/game. The producers are looking for feedback to try and decide if they will make it, and it’s up to you to decide what works best. In other words, you control the story making progress!

Want to learn more about ways to influence real TV shows and movies, then dive into our platform and join those who went before you.