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Man Hunt

A TV game show turned teen deathmatch.

Action· Horror· Sci-fi

Story key points

  • Not too distant future
  • Teenage deathmatch
  • Secluded island
  • Female protagonist

What's the story?

Alice Embleton is one of twelve teenagers who awake in a room on an island with absolutely no recollection of how she got there. However, with the promise of €1,000,000 on the horizon, her amnesia is swept aside. She's enthralled by the TV show that her parents signed her up for; a game of Man Hunt, something she's familiar with from her youth and Alice is very eager to get started.

However, as the game progresses and her memory slowly begins to return; Alice realises that things are not as they may have first seemed. It is soon evident that the teenagers are part of something much bigger and far darker than they initially thought. However, with no idea of where they are and no alternate escape, they have no choice but to cooperate.

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As long as you stick to the book, the plot is perfect! Maybe put some sexual tension between Aaron and Alice at first though!


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