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Just because he sits on the throne doesn't mean he rules you.

Crime· Fantasy· Romance
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Story key points

  • female protagonist
  • middle ages
  • corrupt kingdom
  • undefined love

What's the story?

In a kingdom ruled by a cowardly king lived a notorious crime lord. Her best friends were ruthless killers and bar keeps, the captain of the guard was her brother and with their help she help the king and his kingdom under her thumb. Just because he sat on the throne didn't mean his ruled the kingdom.
However one day her keep is infiltrated by one of the kings spies, when they're caught they state that they are one the run and sea shelter. The main character girl (who I do not have a name for yet) believes the spies story and over the course of the story, falls in love with them. In the end this love ends up being her weakness and it gets her caught.

I don't actually know how I'm going to finish the story so i need help with that

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The main character is and assassin/crime lord who I need a name for. if you could help


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