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Prepare to be Obsolete

Adventure· Fiction· Sci-fi

Story key points

  • Female protagonist
  • Dystopian Future
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Economic Crisis

What's the story?

Andrea Anderson is an elementary school teacher in Toronto who has just been replaced by an android. But just when Andrea’s about to give up all hope of ever teaching again, she meets Chris O'Neill. Chris is the leader of a robotics protest group, and is willing to do anything to get his job back. But can Andrea sacrifice her principles to be a teacher again? Will she give up her reputation and everything she loves to get rid of the robots and get her life back to the way it was before they appeared? As the city and the world sink into deep financial crisis, she’s going to have to make a choice: humans or robots.

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A dystopian Toronto, later in the story. More on this vision board:


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