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Just because he sits on the throne doesn't mean he rules you

Crime· Fantasy· Romance
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Story key points

  • female protagonist
  • middle ages
  • crime lord
  • undefined love

What's the story?

This is a corrupt kingdom.
Everyone here has commit some sort of treason.
But it's not treason if I own the king.
I'll free this kingdom when I have my reasons to.
I cannot love for I have no heart.

Ursidea (Your-see-da) was a kingdom over run by crime. A place where murderers and thieves run rampant, but none of them matched Regina Scelus. Regina was the queen of crime and she ran the kingdom with an iron fist.
But what happens when the queen of crime falls in love,
when fire and ice dance together
when heaven and hell merge.
Chaos will ensue and her kingdom will fall

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The captain of the royal guard is Regina's brother North. Though he's willing to obey her they don't always see eye to eye


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